• Long story short my husband got transferred to California, I tried to keep this site going but I got a job and go no longer take the time to keep checking everything. However, I do not want to see this site fail, if there are any people that would life to keep it going just post a comment. We’ll take care of the hosting. Basic responsibilities..

    • Check all links posted on the site, see if they’re still up.
    • Utilize the sites and report back if they pay out or not
    • Post any interesting articles (There’s no time limit or anything, just whenever you get a chance to)

    I won’t be paying anyone, I don’t make any money on the site to do so. But if someone wants to keep it going it’s a great way to keep track of what works and what doesn’t and helps the masses that try these types of sites. Thanks

  • I have been hearing a lot about paypal lately. Most of it bad. I heard from my husband a while back about paypal’s policy to freeze accounts after they have reached $1000 for security reasons. I didn’t think much of it seeing as my account would probably never have that much money in it all at once. Yesterday I went to sign into my UPBUX account. Right on their homepage the admin was talking about how his account was frozen by paypal and that account had all the funds to pay their members. Below the post were comments by various people also complaining about paypal. I clicked on a link provided by a former employee of paypal. The former emplyee had written an article on paypalsucks.com describing the inner workings of paypal. I learned that the reason why they started the $1000 rule was because of a lot of identity thieves were using false information or someone else’s information when they built scam sites or scammed other people. They would get a bunch of money then transfer it out of paypal and close the account before paypal had a chance to do anything about it. So to protect themselves, paypal started this stupid policy. Now they just freeze everyone’s accounts regardless of how the money was gotten. There is nothing to be done once the money is frozen. Once frozen that money is gone. Paypal uses it to pay their bills and spend it as they like. Also to protect themselves, this former employee said about 2% of people with frozen accounts do get their money back but it is as random as winning the lottery. This way when people try to take legal action for stolen money, paypal can say that they do give money back after ‘investigation’ and will produce the details of those lucky 2%. On top of the policies of paypal as a whole, there are individual scammers within the company. Every time you pay with a credit card attached to the paypal account, a paypal employee sees all that information when they approve the transaction. These employees will use the card information and charge a person for a purchase over and over again until that person’s account is drained. I was shocked by the things that paypal is doing to their customers. I am frustrated that considering there are so few legitimate sites out there, chances are a lot are still using paypal. I’m going to switch to alertpay when I can. It also makes me mad that sites that were probably legitimate are labeled as scams when really they just got screwed over by paypal. It used to be pretty much black and white. A site is a scam or it isn’t. Now paypal caused a big gray area. Yes they should be a scam because they can’t pay their members, but they can’t pay because of paypal. Maybe we should create a new category. The ‘we’ll never know’ category. Now more than ever you have to be especially careful who you do business with. If you buy something on ebay from a scammer or pay the fee on one of those scam sites, paypal goes after your account too, even if you have not yet accumulated the magic number. Do research before you join any website where money is involved.  It might prevent another frozen account.

  • New pages are on the horizon! I have 3 new pages that are soon to be part of my blog. The first one is one that should have been on the site from the start. It is my proof of payment page. I will list month by month my earnings since November 2008. Prior to that I wasn’t very committed  to the legitimate sites.  I may have been a member of a lot of them for a year or two but I mostly still believed that scam sites would work for me. The next page is the wonderful world of bux page. It will list the bux sites I have come across  and will  provide everything you need to know to decide if you want to join them or not. Information like the minimum payment, how they pay you, the cost of upgrades and renting or buying referrals, and how much they pay per click. The last new page is going to be devoted to paid to click sites that in my opinion are not worth the effort.  Sites that pay a tenth of a penny or less per click.  These pages may take a couple weeks to be website worthy but they are coming.  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up so you know that I am working on something even though the parts of the blog people can see hasn’t change much in a while.

  • Most paid to click sites I come across are fairly good sites. At the very least a person will earn half a penny for each click for the worst and up to 5 cents per click for sites with really good earning potential.  Now I know that 25 cents per click should be a red flag. I know that when something seems too good to be true it usually is. I learned my lesson with cakebux, which earned a spot on my unsatisfying research list.  That site I had stumbled across when researching other PTC sites. Deep-C-Links was different. This was one of the few I had found searching forums. I read a lot of good posts about DCL. Many people named it as one of their favorite PTC resources. When Deep-C-Links came up on my list to be researched, I figured it would prove to live up to the reputation the forum had given it. This was not the case. Once again I was disappointed when the site advertised a certain amount per click and when I started earning, the money I accumulated was way less than what they had promised. I started thinking to myself, are they allowed to do this? Have I not done my research correctly? Is there a section in the terms of service that allows them to say one thing and do another? I am really frustrated and confused over this. How can this site be recommended by so many people if the company does this? If a company advertised a product on TV for a certain price and sold it for much more in the store, it would be called a bait and switch. Last time I checked this was illegal. Deep-C-Links has a lot of good qualities that counteract this one misdeed, but I think I will have to say it is going on my bad list. If you condemn one, to be fair, you have to condemn them all. Besides, no matter how many other good qualities the site has or how much earning potential might be involved, I don’t want to be a member of a site that misleads me in the first 5 minutes.

  • When I visit the local coffee shop, sipping a latte and taking advantage of the free wi fi, I often indulge in a little people watching. You can tell a lot about a person by observing what they do when they think nobody is watching. No matter how busy it is or what kinds of people are populating the cafe that day, usually one thing does not change. People open the door for other people, most say please, thank you, and excuse me when ordering coffee or walking around the bookstore. As I am researching wah topics for this website and finding nothing but untrustworthy resources, I start to wonder what makes everyone act so differently in person versus doing things on the internet. On the surface, I know the answer is the fact that for the most part people can remain anonymous. But it has to be something deeper. How can a person open doors and be polite when out and about and go home and create a scam site? When I was researching data entry I was surprised how many blogs there were that basically compiled of banners advertising scams. These people have to know what they are doing. Even though all the World Wide Web will see of that blogger is a screen name, there is still a person attached to that alias. They are not separate entities.  Moral codes and ethics should transfer from the person to their internet activities. Creating something that you know will cost other people their hard earned money and will yield no results from that investment is stealing. People are stealing money from other people.  A person will never take a purse or wallet but has no problem charging people $50 for access to an internet system they know will fail.  It’s things like this that make me even more determined to continue with this website.  Even though one of my goals for this project is to make money, it is not so important that I will promote dishonest websites just to make a buck. I may not be able to stop what other people are doing, but I can decide what I do. As I see other people exploiting the trust of everyone out there searching for a work at home job, I can take some comfort in the fact that at least my intentions are honorable.

  • As you can probably tell just by looking at my homepage, my website is in its infant stage. There is not much to it at this point and time. Though I will eventually have a more material to choose from and the look of the website may change, I will continue to keep wahlifecents informal. First and foremost I am here as a trustworthy resource for work at home information and other subjects comin soon.  All feedback, good and bad, will be taken into consideration. I will keep viewers up to date on my research as I come across new websites. I want people using my website to know what I am working on so they can offer their opinions and see what websites might soon be approved even if they are still on my pending page.  Seeing the approval process as I am going through it is a more beneficial to you, I think. Doing it that way ensures that you can see how I came to my conclusion and the experiences I had while coming to that conclusion. Any other website will usually just put up links to websites and expecting you to trust that the site is legit even if though they offer no information on the steps they took to make the decision on whether the site is worth joining or not.  Even though I do walk you through my process, don’t expect my exact results. Everyone’s experience will be a little different. You may make a lot more or less than I do depending on the different demographics we all fall into. This will be especially true with the survey sites. That being said, do not let that discourage you from trying the wah sites. If nothing else you will gain experience for when you find a site that does work really well for you. On top of  work at home, I plan on adding a saving money category. I believe knowing how to save money is just as important as making money.  Knowing how to stretch a dollar is a good skill to have in any kind of economy. Saving more money means having more money to save.

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    Most of you have heard of the Better Business Bureau. The BBB provides the rules, regulations, and guidelines by which the majority of legitimate businesses abide by. Anybody can report a company to the BBB if they suspect unethical or dishonest practices. An investigation led by the BBB that yields unfavorable results can cause the company in question lots of money, not to mention the risk of a ruined reputation.  Knowing the purpose of  the Better Business Bureau, I was very curious when I came across a work at home site that was certified under a organization called the Web Trade Bureau. The website that bore this seal of approval was obviously a scam. If the Web Trade Bureau was anything like the BBB, I wondered how the organization could offer its seal of approval to such a blatant hoax. I looked up the Web Trade Bureau and got my answer. The WTB website boasts about its scam-spotting ability when it comes to making money sites. Supposedly the people running the site had researched 300 different work at home websites and only 4 or so proved to be legitimate. Those figures seemed realistic enough so I clicked on the link for one of the categories and clicked on the link for the first approved site. The site looked like classic scam material. People make mistakes. Maybe one scam slipped through their scam-spotting method.  It happens.  I clicked on 4 or 5 more links and the same type of sites came up. Apparently it was not a mistake. I looked up the WTB web address on whois.net and found out who owns the website. Interestingly enough, many of the scam links I clicked on are owned by the same person. I understand people posting referral links on their blogs to make an extra dollar.  That is how business has worked for hundreds of years. Refer people and get benefits from that company in return.  What the Web Trade Bureau did does not even resemble the referral system.  Producing a Website that pretends to spot scams then gives links to misleading websites is bad enough. Creating a website like the WTB and providing the scams to go along with it goes beyond wrong. I cannot believe people still get away with this nonsense. Worst of all, I bet more and more people fall prey to this website every day. It is my job to research these kinds of things, but what about the people stumbling upon that website just looking for a break who don’t know any better. That is the one downfall of the Internet. It is so much easier to get away with things like this. Imagine how many people lose money to these people before the website is finally shut down.

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    Welcome to wahlifecents! Since I am just starting this project, the site won’t look like much. The idea for Wahllifecents came like the majority of good ideas do, either being inspired by something, or wanting to change the way something is done. For me it was the latter. I was fed up with the lack of honest answers while searhing for a job online. I have tried every possible combination of keywords related to work at home employment. For 3 years I wasted countless hours trying to find what I was looking for among all the crap. As I was trying to find a way to make money for myself, I realized that a lot of people are in the same boat. Right then I made the decision to put my energy to better use. With the help of my husband, I came up with a website with the purpose of saving other people from the same experience I had. Not only do I plan on posting my previous findings and current research, I want to provide a resource for other job and money related issues. Wahlifecents is a place where users will find ways to save money and discover tips to help land a job, all while learning about some of the best ways to make money online.