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    Most of you have heard of the Better Business Bureau. The BBB provides the rules, regulations, and guidelines by which the majority of legitimate businesses abide by. Anybody can report a company to the BBB if they suspect unethical or dishonest practices. An investigation led by the BBB that yields unfavorable results can cause the company in question lots of money, not to mention the risk of a ruined reputation.  Knowing the purpose of  the Better Business Bureau, I was very curious when I came across a work at home site that was certified under a organization called the Web Trade Bureau. The website that bore this seal of approval was obviously a scam. If the Web Trade Bureau was anything like the BBB, I wondered how the organization could offer its seal of approval to such a blatant hoax. I looked up the Web Trade Bureau and got my answer. The WTB website boasts about its scam-spotting ability when it comes to making money sites. Supposedly the people running the site had researched 300 different work at home websites and only 4 or so proved to be legitimate. Those figures seemed realistic enough so I clicked on the link for one of the categories and clicked on the link for the first approved site. The site looked like classic scam material. People make mistakes. Maybe one scam slipped through their scam-spotting method.  It happens.  I clicked on 4 or 5 more links and the same type of sites came up. Apparently it was not a mistake. I looked up the WTB web address on whois.net and found out who owns the website. Interestingly enough, many of the scam links I clicked on are owned by the same person. I understand people posting referral links on their blogs to make an extra dollar.  That is how business has worked for hundreds of years. Refer people and get benefits from that company in return.  What the Web Trade Bureau did does not even resemble the referral system.  Producing a Website that pretends to spot scams then gives links to misleading websites is bad enough. Creating a website like the WTB and providing the scams to go along with it goes beyond wrong. I cannot believe people still get away with this nonsense. Worst of all, I bet more and more people fall prey to this website every day. It is my job to research these kinds of things, but what about the people stumbling upon that website just looking for a break who don’t know any better. That is the one downfall of the Internet. It is so much easier to get away with things like this. Imagine how many people lose money to these people before the website is finally shut down.

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    • Wiser but Poorer Says:

      I am so glad you wrote your article, it came up when I googled “Web Trade Bureau scam”. More garbage, but at least now I know better than to get taken in. I lost $14,000 to a scam artist company (Vianet Webzone) 3 months ago and I might lose my house. I just wish there was a way to get back at these guys and get my money back.

    • payday loans Says:

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    • William K. Judd Says:

      Halfbreed 16773 comments;

      January 28, 2010

      I just received an e-mail in my junk box offering a “Work @ Home opportunity related to processing e-mails from home and making $25.00 per e-mail processed. Well, seeing that it came in my junk folder raised the first “Red Flag” I decided to check it out anyway. I, also went to Who.is to get the information on this. I found out pretty much the same info that you mentioned in your article. Then, I did a Google search and found your article. I, Myself, among a whole lot of other honest people who are just trying to make money online for a variety of reasons from supplementing their current income to just trying to make a living online appreciate your time and effort in preventing these websites from ripping them off.

      Take care.

    • Miles Moses Says:

      Incredibly interesting writing! Really!

    • Claire Richard Says:

      You have done it once more. Great read!

    • Dianna Do Says:

      If only I had a penny for each time I came here… Amazing read!

    • Vickie Says:

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    • Private Krankenversicherung Vergleich Says:

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    • makarska Says:

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    • Melissa Carbonneau Says:

      Exactly the same as William K. Judd on January 28, 2010
      It proves this Spam is still in use
      Great blogs thanks for the referal (BBB)

    • Leroy Liriano Says:

      I appreciate you sharing this blog article.Really thank you! Much obliged.

    • Annette Says:

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